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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Dugald A. Steer 1842/871 illustrated by Nick Harris, Helen Ward
first published 2004
Adventure for ages 7 to 99 published by Templar
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
The diary of Emily Sands who disappeared in1926 whilst searching for the tomb of Osiris.
What happens?
Joanna Sutherland has sent this manuscript to the publishers to see if they can shed any light on the disappearance of Emily Sands in 1926. Emily had led an expedition out into the desert to try and locate the tomb of Osiris. This was some few years after the amazing discovery of Tutankhamun and egyptology was at a high point in it's dazzling career. Through the manuscript and it 's pictures and different entries we follow the journey of Emily Sands not only across Egypt but also back in time. How did she disappear, an ill fated swim in a crocodile infested river or the sinister curse from an ancient cult?
Is it easy to read?
Unlike other books this is full of little entries, pictures, letters, postcards etc, which make the book easier to read for younger readers. This is a lovely book to share with a child or group. My daughters sit and look at the pictures and let me read different parts to them.
Anything else?
This is a truly beautiful book, I have seen groups of children and some older folk oggling it in bookshops. It is definitely a treasure initself. The concept is brilliant put together the mystery of a missing person with their diary intact and add the magic of ancient Egypt. There are lots of interesting facts to learn as you read through the book and there is nothing too scary to worry about. This is the perfect gift for a budding Egyptologist and will probably create a few who knew nothing about it before they read it! My daughters and I are really enjoying reading through this together and I know several slightly older children who keep it by their beds to look through at night!. There are two other books in the same style by this author. Dragonology and Wizardology. Look out for them too!
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
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