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The Prophecy of the Gems
by Flavia Bujor 1796/848 first published 2004
Fantasy and Magic for ages 11 to 16 published by Collins
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £7.69, usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
Three girls united by the three stones they carry, and the one path they must all follow.
What happens?
On their 14th birthdays three girls, Opal, Jade and Amber are told that they are not their parents children and that each has a stone that matches her name. The girls must meet each other and take their stone from it's bag after midnight, they must trust no one particularly not each other! So begins their adventure, each girl has their own gifts and right from the start there is tension between them, can they work together to fulfil their destiny and find Oonagh, the Oracle who will guide them to the evil they must conquer?
Is it easy to read?
Definitely one for the girls. Long book but not difficult to read.
Anything else?
I was impressed to find that the author was only 13 when she wrote this, she has produced a good story. It tends to read like an American teen novel and so should be very popular with girls who like that genre. The plot is well thought through and pacy, it is difficult to like the girls very much as non of their characters seem to be very warm, Amber gets the closest, but that is probably part of the dynamics of the book. The story does keep your interest and is well worth a look.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
A magical and captivating debut fantasy novel from young French author of fourteen years. Sometime in the past... Three young girls, Jade, Amber and Opal, each from very different backgrounds, discover on the day of their fourteenth birthday that they are adopted. An ancient prophecy compels them to leave their families to complete their mission in a far-off kingdom. Each girl is given custody of a magic stone which corresponds to her name. Although they dislike each other on sight, they have to overlook their differences in order to escape the dangers that threatens them. They begin a long voyage to Oonagh, the mysterious oracle who becomes their guide. Their quest will lead them into a ferocious battle against the forces of evil. Present day... In a Parisian hospital a fourteen-year-old girl is dying. Joa no longer speaks, nor fights for her life, but she dreams and her thoughts carry her into a fairy-tale world where three heroines lead an epic war. The distant promise of their victory and the end of their adventures carries with it a secret which could return to her the will to live...
And what do you think?
mezz, newbury.england
having only read the first 11 chapters, i am hooked, totally impressed at the complexity that a 13 year old can produce. this book is easy to read, but s taking me to a world that, in the fury and fast pace of todays life, i had almost forgotten about. i More...
Rebecca, Rayleigh, Essex
This book was wonderfully written by a very talented young lady. She will go far if all of her books are as wonderfully written as this.
Emma, Ashby
The book was interesting and the ideas behind it were great. But I think that the ending was slightly disappointing (the ending for the girls, not the actual ending for Joa), it felt like the book needed a sequel. But I would suggest that anyone who wan More...
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