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The Time Twister
by Jenny Nimmo (more about Jenny Nimmo) 1738/8 first published 2003
Fantasy and Magic for ages 8 to 14 published by Egmont Children's Books
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £8.79, usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
Charlie Bone is back for more adventures fighting the Bloor family and their nasty friends!
What happens?
Henry Yewbeam was staying with the Bloor family when his sister was dying . None of the Bloors seemed to like him or his brother James, but Ezekiel, his cousin was the worst. One terrible night Zeke tricks Henry into picking up a beautiful marble, Henry cannot help but stare into it's depths. A terrible mistake for this isn't a pretty marble, but a Time Twister, which causes Henry to travel forward in time to Bloor's Academy in the time of Charlie Bone. Suddenly a race is on to protect Henry from the Bloors and Charlie's awful Yewbeam aunts, but someone seems to be betraying them and Henry cannot be kept safe from the very old and wicked Ezekiel Bloor. New friends and powers are needed to save Henry's life and many strange new allies are discovered in the dark, threatening walls of Bloor's Academy!
Is it easy to read?
Any good reader will find this suitable reading material. Good for girls and boys.
Anything else?
A storming follow up to 'Midnight for Charlie Bone', the story follows on pretty much straight away and Jenny Nimmo quickly lets us in to the action. What I really loved about this book are the new characters and snippets of information about the past. There are clearly many links between some of the characters, which I am guessing will come out over the course of the next three books. I can already hear myself guessing who and where Charlie's dad is. It's thrilling and pacy, keeping you hooked right up to the last page. Now I just want to read the next one, but that won't come out until Spring 2004 and is called 'The Blue Boa'. So I might just read this one or another of her books to keep me going. Check out Jenny Nimmo on the author list and you'll find some of the other books she has written all worth a read!
Other books by Jenny Nimmo include Dog Star, Emlyn's Moon, Griffin's Castle, Midnight for Charlie Bone, Seth and the Strangers, The Chestnut Soldier, The Rinaldi Ring, The Snow Spider, Tom and the Pterosaur, Ultramarine.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
And what do you think?
Its the one of the best book i"ve ever read and thats the problem i like the series so much i"ve almost finished all 3 book s in a month (im not yet done the third) and the next book dosen"t come out till well maby a year or so !!!!!!!!!! what should i More...
James, Hollywell
Henry Yewbeam is sent hurtling through time by a little marble called the Time Twister! When he turns up in the same place 90 years later, he discovers that he looks just like his great-grand nephew! His cousin Ezekiel Bloor, the very person who rolled th More...
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