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Pure Dead Wicked
by Debi Gliori (more about Debi Gliori) 1534/519 illustrated by Debi Gliori
first published 2002
Fantasy and Magic for ages 9 to 15 published by Doubleday
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £8.79, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
The Strega- Borgia family are back, fighting to save the family home, Strega-Schloss!
What happens?
Narrowly avoiding death, by some falling roof slates, the Strega-Borgia family realise it is time, yet again, to get the roof fixed on their ancient ancestral home! So, not only must they move to a local hotel, but so must their pet beasts, the crocodile Tock and the mythical dungeon beasts, Sab, Ffup and Knot. Unfortunately some rather unscrupulous builders and contractors have their greedy eyes on the Strega-Borgia land. But Fortunately the family forget to take some of their pets with them, Tarantella, the spider with attitude and Multitudina, the rat and her daughter Terminus are left behind. What can the brave pets of Strega-Schloss do to save their family home? Quite a lot actually!
Is it easy to read?
A good read for anyone who likes a good laugh and some magic in their story!
Anything else?
Pure enjoyment, Dead funny and Wickedly original! Debi Gliori has done it again, her second novel reinforces her place as a major new force in novel writing for children. I loved this book, I had been so excited waiting for it to be published that I was getting a bit nervous, but believe me I wasn't let down. It is hilarious and totally entertaining, the plot just twists and turns, like one of the passages around Strega-Schloss. Pure Genius! I also like stroking the cover!!
Other books by Debi Gliori include Penguin Post, Pure Dead Brilliant, Pure Dead Magic.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
With the slates of the StregaSchloss roof crumbling round their ears, the Strega-Borgia family, complete with staff and dungeon-dwelling beasts, is forced to decamp to a local hotel for Christmas. Bored of being cooped up with only his laptop for entertainment, Titus tries his own experiment in cyber-cloning, only to end up besieged by 500 miniature versions of himself and sister Pandora. The beasts too are fed up at the hotel. Determined to return to StregaSchloss, Ffup the dragon, Sab the... read more
And what do you think?
Chelsea, Bacton School
This book looks really good and exciting! I haven't read it yet but I will! I like exciting books! I'm sure I'll enjoy it! Bye!
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Pure Dead Wicked cover
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